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Thank You
                                  We want to say thank you to the following:   
   All military men and women who have served and died for our FREEDOM

Stephen Shell & Katelyn Krug from Shell Fleming Davis & Menge, for all your professionalism. It is very much appreciated. Thank You!    

Regina Baniakas and her team from Baniakas & Associates, for all the help they helped us with. Making sure we had the proper paper work filled out correctly for the IRS.  

CIL Disability Resource Center for trusting us with your staff and clients. 

Rikki Vidak, and the rest of the staff at the VA clinic. For trusting us, to serve our veterans.

Lynne Crawford, with American Cancer Society for all your help. 

Jennifer and Cortney from United Methodist community life center Gulf Breeze

McKenzie Law Firm for their kind donation

Sandy Sansing Foundation for their kind donation

Mr. & Mrs Garthwaite for their kind donation and trusting us with their son

All those who have trusted us with their customers



To our volunteers, We understand your "time" is a precious jewel that you can't get back. Thank you for volunteering to help us help others. 

To our donors, We want to thank you for your generosity. Your donations allow us to help so many people in our community that cannot drive. God Bless you for being a big help to us. 

Allen Siegel from AMS vans for making it so easy to buy our first wheelchair van.

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