What happens when you donate to Freedom To Go, Inc

Even though we are a non profit organization, we still have the same expenses as A for profit companies have. When you donate, it helps us reduce our rates so people in the community that needs our help can pay their utility, phone, grocery, prescription, and medical bills and still have access to affordable transportation.  Your donation also reduces our costs in the following ways:

  • maintenance on the vehicle

  • car payments

  • general liabilities

  • commercial auto insurance

  • advertisement

  • gasoline

  • replacing older vehicles for newer ones

                   How do I become a volunteer

To become a volunteer, there are a few requirements by law you must provide:

  •  Federal and State background check (fingerprint)

  •  7-year driving record

  • drug testing

  • copy of your up to date CPR certificate

  • resume with references 

When we have all that, then you'll start training on how to properly handle our vehicles and customers.