Being different

Being different is hard at times. It's easy to lose focus on why we started this company. We look around and see all the other transportation companies growing and getting all the big contracts. The contracts any small transportation company would love to have if they're in it for the money, that is. Those contracts produce more money which allows companies to purchase more vehicles. More vehicles mean more customers which means more responsibility. More responsibility means less time for the customers and more time making as much money as you can to pay for all the bills that come with more responsibility. The next thing you see is somewhere down the road, all those companies are all the same. Treating their customers like sardines in a can, not taking care of their clients as they should. Is it hard for us to stay focus and doing things differently? Yes! We need the same amount of money it takes for-profit companies to run their company. We have car payments, auto insurance, gas, and all the other responsibilities they have, but as long as we can focus on why we do this, we should be okay. It's all about the customers and helping those who have a disability or illness that stops them from driving, the Freedom to go where they want to go at an affordable rate. So what we're not big and rich in money. There is something worth more than money in this business and if other transportation companies don't know what it is, then they're in it for the wrong reasons. When your tired being treated like fish in a can and want more from a transportation company, call us at 850-619-9508. If you would like to make a donation that will help someone else who cannot drive because of their disability or illness get to the places they want to go. Click on the donation button below. Thank you for taking the time to check us out.