Our Story

In 2011 Mr. & Mrs. Harrah learned that both their son and daughter had epilepsy. After many years of becoming involved with different epilepsy foundations and doing research on epilepsy, they found out those who have uncontrolled seizures can never get their driver's license until they're seizure-free for one year. This is when Mr. & Mrs. Harrah started to wonder what will happen to their children if anything would happen to them? How do people with epilepsy get around town? What type of services is available for their children? What will it cost & how will they be treated? Questions most parent wants to know. October 31st of 2016 Mr. Harrah would end up in the ICU for five days because of an infected tooth. During those five days, all Mr. Harrah can remember was being in a big room. Like an empty warehouse and all he could see around him was gray dark space and off in a distance was a white silhouette light. Then he heard a voice, follow me or just die. When Mr. Harrah woke up, he looked at his wife and told her God wants me to start helping people. Doing what, I don't know. In December of 2016, Mr. & Mrs. Harrah went over to see some friends of theirs and learned that the husband that they had known since the late '90s had cancer. We'll call him Mr. M for private reasons. He went to bed like he did every night before and when he woke up the next morning he knew something was wrong. He was rushed to the hospital to find out he had cancer. Cancer that would stop him from ever driving again. His wife of 4o years never felt safe behind the wheel of a vehicle and his two kids were grown, living out of the house. They had family, jobs, and responsibilities of their own to take care of. They couldn't always be there for their parents. The kids did their very best to help their parents when they could. With Mr. Harrah being disabled and not being able to work a normal job, he decided to start driving Mr. & Mrs. M to their appointments, and other errands. Mr. Harrah started to wonder how many other people in the community needed help with transportation. How were other people getting to their doctor appointments, grocery stores, pharmacy, work, church, or out to mingle with family and friends? Mr. Harrah started doing research on his questions and when he came across an article saying how there were over 3 million people in the United States that couldn't make it to their doctor appointments and other places they needed to go, due to lack of transportation. That's when Mr. Harrah knew what God wanted him to do. The article went on telling how people were being treated, how many of them were being left somewhere with no ride back home, and how much it was costing them to be treated so badly. With Mr. Harrah have over 11 years of experience in the limousine business, he knew he could do it better. That's when Freedom To Go Inc was born. We have been able to keep our rates affordable since 2018 because people like yourself who have been able to donate, giving us grants, and volunteering their time.