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Health and Wellness

It is sometimes impossible to make it to a doctor appointment, pharmacy, work, or to a grocery store if you cannot drive. Not anymore, just call Freedom To Go Inc at 850-619-9508 and have the freedom to go places, you need to go at an affordable rate.

To Mingle

Are you tired of staying home while others are out mingling with their family and friends. Are you tired of not being able to do the things you used to do when you could drive. With Freedom To Go Inc. you have that choice again to get out of your home and have the life you used to have.


One of the greatest freedoms we have in the United States of America, to give back to those who need help. We ask our volunteers to give one day to help our customers, to have what most of us take for granted, the freedom to go and have a life. To find out how you can volunteer please contact us at 850-619-9508 or we are interested in talking with you.

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